CASA will position its operations strategically in highly active areas allowing quick and easy access to the company's products and services.

Calgary: Calgary hosts CASA's senior management and marketing representatives. As Canada's energy capital more than 3000 oil and gas producers have head offices in the city of Calgary. Positioning CASA's corporate office in Calgary is ideal for facilitating direct contact with the decision makers from the companies requiring CASA's services.

Edmonton: CASA's main operations head quarters are based in Edmonton Alberta. The facility manages all divisions within the corporation and provides technical support, maintenance, quality control, accounting and specialized services.

Red Deer: CASA's central operations are located in Red Deer Alberta. Red Deer is known as the service capital of the WCSB and has access to many of the skilled labor force within the industry. Red Deer is conveniently located to dispatch CASA's services to the highly penetrated exploration development fields of the cardium play.

Grande Prairie: CASA will operate a satellite base out of Grande Prairie Alberta allowing its services to be available to the customers operating out of Northern Alberta, British Columbia and the Peace River Arch.

Kindersley: CASA's eastern facility is strategically situated in Kindersley Saskatchewan. This operating base will provide services to the eastern portion of the sedimentary basin. From the heavy oilfields existing from Fort Mac Murray through the east and southern portion of the basin. Kindersley also allows access to the oil producers operating along the western border of Saskatchewan.

Weyburn: CASA will establish its presence in southeastern Saskatchewan. Making CASA's services accessible to the continuous production fields of southeastern Saskatchewan and the active producer's involved Bakken recource play extending into western Manitoba and North Dakota.

CASA Locations